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Sanwa M12 40. juubeli versioon koos kolme vastuvõtjaga


In honour of the 40th anniversary of the company, Sanwa releases a special edition of the M12! Therefore, the engineers upgraded the flagship of high-end 2.4GHz FHSS transmitters – one of the most successful radio systems in the world – with new technical and visual features. The M12 40 Years Sanwa Special Edition comes in a special black piano lacquer design. Every unit can be identified as individual item due to a serial number engraved on a badge. Steering wheel and throttle trigger are made of aluminium. Three receivers are included: RX-471, RX-471 Dual-ID and RX-472.

Depending on the receiver you choose, telemetry data like motor / engine temperature, rpm, drive battery or receiver battery voltage can be displayed and stored to the computer also with the M12 40 Years. Due to the multifunctional push-pull steering wheel, the menu in four languages (English, German, Spanish, & Czech) is totally easy to handle. All functions can be programmed quickly and uncomplicatedly.

Language and firmware update – also with Windows 8 Get the latest software including multilingual menu. All in one download link. To implement the update, you only need an USB cable.

ATTENTION: After updating to the newest software version, please do not try to switch back to an older version!

Sanwa Super Response with the M12

only with the RX-472, RX-471, RX-462, RX-461 and RX-451R receivers


  • Car type select: 10 categories
  • Racing mode: able to change driving status in a single touch
  • Data logger: data can be sent to the PC
  • Monitoring: share data with another transmitter
  • PC link: able to read and write the data to the PC
  • Dual steering: able to set the rudder angle individually
  • Best fit setting: able to set the driver’s best condition
  • Curve setting: able to fine adjust 9/18 point curve
  • LC display: 128x256 full dot LC display
  • Custom menu: user friendly menu structure
  • Ease of use: set to lower the steering wheel position included
  • USB Software Updateability


Set includes:

  • Sanwa M12 40th Anniversary Limited Edition transmitter
  • 3 receivers: RX-471, RX-471 Dual ID, RX-472
  • Additional Steering wheel
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Additional Grip
  • Special Limited Serial Number of Sanwa M12 40th Anniversary: "40th Anniversary Model xxx/500 w"


Manufacturer's number: 641A02307A


Toote hind: 599.00€
Müügil alates: Saturday 20 December, 2014.
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